An adaptor to fit large sewer pipes

July 23, 2021by admin

The Dump Mate has been specifically designed to fit the standard NZMCA dump stations. It fits in the Thetford sewer pipe, where you simply screw the cap off and place your Dump Mate in the pipe.

To fit larger sewer pipes you will need an adaptor.

This adaptor fits over a pipe up to 150mm in diameter.

We had thought about getting a mould made to make these adaptors and sell, however, we came to the conclusion that we probably wouldn’t sell enough of them to cover the cost of the mould.

Here are the instructions of how John made an adaptor, to fit a larger sewer pipe:

From Bunnings he purchased a 150mm Holman cap, cost $16.26.

Then drill a 75mm or 76mm hole in the centre, using a hole saw. (Either size works.)

Then glue onto the inside of this, a 60mm length of 80mm drainage pipe, John used Marley Gold Plumbers Glue to do this.

Hopefully the photos will help explain, but if you are stuck, give John a call, on 021 979323.

Alternatively, if you would rather have John make your adaptor for you, the cost is $25 + $8.80 postage anywhere in New Zealand.

You can order one online here.

You might even come up with a better idea and if you do, please let us know!

Once you go DUMPMATE you won’t go back!

Rangiora, NZ