No More Wees In The Breeze , Or Poos On Your Shoes

Once you go DUMP MATE, you won't go back!

Made in New Zealand

DUMP MATE was designed by Rangiora based kiwis, John and Heather (#67963) travelling around NZ in their motorhome 'So Easy'.

They have owned their motorhome since 2016 and right from the beginning they did not enjoy emptying the cassette.  John being a problem solver kept trying to think of a better way – an easier and cleaner way.  In 2018 John retired, which allowed him the time to come up with that better way.  He had the concept in his head, it just needed to become reality.  Many prototypes later (and there were lots), they finally have their DUMP MATE.  Once you’ve used DUMP MATE, you’ll never want to empty your cassette without it.

The Worst Job In Motorhoming Is Now So Much Easier!



The DUMP MATE is made from ABS plastic, specially designed to be super smooth and easy to clean.  The size of DUMP MATE is a length of 450mm with a 90mm diameter at the top and gradually decreasing to 70mm at the bottom.

Only $69.95 !


As reviewed by Adventures With Rosy!

Only $69.95 !

“The best device ever. So much quicker and easier to empty that cassette. Don’t even spill a drop. Almost makes a cassette toilet as easy to use as a black tank. Absolutely NO splatter, thanks to my Dump Mate.
In it… Not at it!!”

Happy CustomerLex Ward

“No splashback, cleanliness, and not actually seeing what’s inside the cassette. Best thing we’ve bought for our motorhome. Can’t thank you guys enough for creating this ‘must have’ item, and believing in yourselves to put it out there for all of us motorhomes/caravanners to use.”

Happy CustomersPaul and Jude Glenny

“This would be the best product that I have in my motorhome.
So hygienic and easy to use.
Now ‘No mess Charlie’.”

Happy CustomerDes Austin

“Love our Dump Mate. It’s tapered, and non stick, plus the bag it comes in is great to keep it in. Easy clean, easy to disinfect, and I highly recommend it. Easy pour, Easy clean, Easy store.”

Happy CustomerJulie Anderson

“Have found my Dump Mate to be great. Saves bending as much, and easier to empty the cassette. No spills on emptying..”

Happy CustomerHylton Smith

“Tried ours for the first time today. Awesome. Would be good to see everyone with one. No more spills. Think it should be made a must for self containment.”

Happy CustomerColin Dixon

“Best money I’ve spent. No bending low and no pressure on one’s back. Also made with different materials than your normal white pipe. Easier to clean and comes with a bag for storage.”

Happy CustomerJanet Saegers

“Very fast service and awesome packaging. Top product. Had to test it out, simple to use, easy to clean, thank you so much. I can’t see you ever having an unhappy customer.”

Happy CustomerBrett Davis

“I think the Dump Mate is the best thing since sliced bread. So hygienic and easy to clean, and makes emptying the cassette a breeze. I would recommend it totally, regardless of price.”

Happy CustomerBarbara Burney

“Used the Dump Mate for the first time. It was magnificent! Clean, no splashes and so easy to use. Thank you.”

Happy CustomerGary Holz

“Used our Dump Mate for the first time today, and I must say, we are totally impressed. It’s unique design allows it to fit into the drain pipe properly. There is no bending over to try and line up with the pipe, therefore no spillage, no splash back, and best of all, you don’t see or smell any of the contents, while pouring. It is easy just to hose out, and dries quickly. It is well worth the cost. Thank you Dump Mate.”

Happy CustomerJanice Ansley

“Wonderful quick service, beautifully packaged, everything is very professional. Great to see a NZ couple succeeding, from a needs requirement, to a professional little home business.”

Happy CustomersTania & Eric

“My Dump Mate has saved me from lots of backache, and lots of splashes, and I can leave the dump station with a clear conscience that I have left it clean. It is so easy to use, and very easy to wash, before storing in it’s bag.”

Happy CustomerPatricia Maindonald

“How did we ever manage without our Dump Mate!
Easy on the back, and no more splashes.
Will be showing it off to all of our caravan buddies.”

Happy CustomersSheryl & Dave Currie

“Particularly good when others are waiting to use the dump station. It’s simple, clean and efficient, and no emptying in front of others.
What’s not to like!”

Happy CustomerHazel Marriott

“I have watched the Dump Mate since it began production, and now I’ve got my bus, it was one of the first ‘must haves’ on my list. Absolutely LOVE it – brilliant invention!.”

Happy CustomerDonna Marie

“No more wees in the breeze or poos on the shoes”

Happy CustomerVince Jones

“I think the money spent getting a Dump Mate is the best money I’ve spent in a long time.
No mess, no spill, great to have it ..”

Happy CustomerPhilip Howley

“We will keep spreading the word. (Better to spread the word, than spreading a mess at the dump station)!”

Happy CustomerJill Fantham

“I’m a Dump Mate fan. Best investment, saves a lot of yuck at poo pour time. Really shiny and easy to rinse/wash, no residue poo.”

Happy CustomerNeil Batt

Once you go DUMP MATE, you won't go back!

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to call or email us or submit a message through our contact page.

Once you go DUMPMATE you won’t go back!

Rangiora, NZ