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Once you go DUMP MATE, you won't go back

Makes the worst job in motorhoming so much easier.....

DUMP MATE makes it easy to empty your cassette without any spillage or splashback.  So easy, clean and hygienic.  You don't even see the flow of waste, plus it leaves the dump station clean for the next user.


Simply rest the nozzle of your cassette in the scoop, this helps take the weight, while you effortlessly lift the cassette and push the release button to empty it (better for your back as you don't have to bend so far).  Then simply rinse and put back in the carry bag.

Only $65.00 including GST!!  Shipping only within NZ for a flat rate of $15.00 including GST (up to 4 units) for North Island and $10.00 including GST (up to 4 units) for South Island.  Rural delivery is an additional $4.30 including GST.  If you want to order more than 4 units, then contact us directly to get special shipping prices.

Check out our FAQs for more information.


DUMP MATE was designed by Blenheim based kiwis, John and Heather (#67963) travelling around NZ in their motorhome 'So Easy'.  They have owned their motorhome since 2016 and right from the beginning they did not enjoy emptying the cassette.  John being a problem solver kept trying to think of a better way - an easier and cleaner way.  In 2018 John retired, which allowed him the time to come up with that better way.  He had the concept in his head, it just needed to become reality.  Many prototypes later (and there were lots), they finally have their DUMP MATE.  Once you've used DUMP MATE, you'll never want to empty your cassette without it.

Our Dump Mates are now available through Burnsco.  They have stock in all 16 of their stores nationwide, and also in their online store.

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The DUMP MATE is made from ABS plastic, specially designed to be super smooth and easy to clean.  The size of DUMP MATE is a length of 450mm with a 90mm diameter at the top and gradually decreasing to 70mm at the bottom.  

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