The grey waste water pipe

Another handy piece of pipe work! 😀 Rather than using the 3 metre ribbed hose, where ever possible, John uses this length of pipe. He’s put a piece of ribbed hose on the end, for flexibility, and added a cam lock ( cost about $10 ). The grey water flows much faster, as it’s not...

A new way to buy your DUMPMATE

This past summer, we found it quite difficult to get away, due to the numbers of people wanting to call in and buy their Dump Mate directly from us. While we love meeting you all, and demonstrating the Dump Mate to you, staying at home wasn’t really part of our plan when we began this...

An adaptor to fit large sewer pipes

The Dump Mate has been specifically designed to fit the standard NZMCA dump stations. It fits in the Thetford sewer pipe, where you simply screw the cap off and place your Dump Mate in the pipe. To fit larger sewer pipes you will need an adaptor. This adaptor fits over a pipe up to 150mm...

Once you go DUMPMATE you won’t go back!

Blenheim, NZ