A new way to buy your DUMPMATE

July 24, 2021by admin

This past summer, we found it quite difficult to get away, due to the numbers of people wanting to call in and buy their Dump Mate directly from us.

While we love meeting you all, and demonstrating the Dump Mate to you, staying at home wasn’t really part of our plan when we began this business, over two years ago 😉.

While chatting to a customer (thanks Chelsea from Adventures with Rosy😃) she suggested installing a dropbox.

John had to build the box himself, of course, so it took a little while, but we can now go away without any worries. Most importantly, you, or your friends, can pick up your Dump Mate whenever you are passing through Blenheim, whether we are home, or not.

All you have to do is contact John, on 021 979323, he will give you our bank details, and you can then pay directly into our bank account. He will then give you the combination code for the gate and the box, and you can call in whenever it suits you, and pick up your Dump Mate.

So Easy!! 😁

Once you go DUMPMATE you won’t go back!

Blenheim, NZ