The grey waste water pipe

May 10, 2023by admin

Another handy piece of pipe work! 😀

Rather than using the 3 metre ribbed hose, where ever possible, John uses this length of pipe. He’s put a piece of ribbed hose on the end, for flexibility, and added a cam lock ( cost about $10 ).
The grey water flows much faster, as it’s not trying to run uphill, or round and round. Also, you don’t get drowned trying to shake a 3 metre hose dry. 😅

The only slightly tricky part is lining your motorhome up close enough to the dump station, but I’m getting pretty good at giving instructions. 😅

It’s easy to store and as you can see , everything has its place in our garage. 😅
Feel free to call John on 021 979 323, for more detailed instructions on how to build one 😀
Or maybe you’ve built something similar yourself, if so, we’d love to see it.

NB. We still carry our 3 metre hose as it’s part of our self containment requirements.

Once you go DUMPMATE you won’t go back!

Rangiora, NZ